ARTLAB - bureau of scientific and technical expertise (BSTE)

The works that are offered at the auction "Korners" and need expertise go, first of all, through the chemical and technological analysis fulfilled by the qualified Artlab specialists. This is the first independent research centre in our country that meets international standards and has the latest high-tech equipment and reference databases.

RESTORER - easel painting restoration studio

If you need to eliminate the adverse effects of time on the paintings, "Korners" refers to the studio "Restorer."  The experts of the workshop working in compliance with the principles of classical museum restoration and conservation, can restore the loss of any degree of complexity in the works of easel painting, as well as restore the old frames.

MISTER DECORATOR - picture framing studio

Telephone: (044) 5017450

Address: 16, Iliinskaya St., Kiev

Specialists of the picture framing studio will always help to choose 
the best frame option and to frame the picture according to the rules of classic design. The wide choice of Spanish and Italian frames (Goya, Salvadori cornici, Toledana, CCC de concilio) and passepartouts will allow fulfilling any customer requirements.


We are always prepared to assist in holding museum attribution of the works of art and in obtaining opinion from the respected experts. The list of institutions and professionals which "Korners"
cooperates with can be find here.