Acuction House history
The Auction House "Korners" was founded in 2006.

Auction House Speliazation – Collectables of painting and antiques. In different combinations the auction collection 
may include the following sets:
- Icon-painting;
- Ukrainian, Russian and European painting 
and graphic art of XVII – XX centuries;
- Applied and decorative arts;
- Modern painting and graphics.

The main areas of activity - 

carrying quarterly auctions. Stability and regularity of the auction activity allow tracking the trends 

and analyzing the antique market.

Public activity:
In 2009 "Korners" became one of the founders 
of the Guild of Antiquaries of Ukraine. 
So, the Auction House takes part in the creation and promotion
of legislative initiatives related to:
- transfer of cultural treasures ​​across the state border of Ukraine;
- establishing a register of the lost cultural treasures ​​of Ukraine;
preserving the cultural heritage of Ukraine;
- registration of transactions in the field of antique trade.

Support for research, publishing, exhibition
and humanitarian projects:
- organizing and conducting the exhibition
of the Guild of Antiquaries of Ukraine "Private Collection"  
as well as producing the same-name catalogue, Kiev, 2009; 
- organizing and conducting the exhibition "Mikhail Tkachenko.
To the 150th Anniversary of his Birth”
   publication of the monograph "Mikhail Stepanovich Tkachenko 1860 - 1916 ", Kiev, 2010;
- funding the release of  "Catalogue of cultural treasures stolen from the state museums, 
reserves, institutions and private collections (1999 - 2009 pp).", Kiev, 2010; 
- an exhibition of children's drawings in the Museum "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine" 
and the issue of the catalogue "Masterpieces.
From the early days... "
, Kiev, 2010

Promoting the integration of Ukrainian
art market in the global art community
We cooperate with the International Federation
of Antiquaries and Art Dealers (CINOA), 
the Society of Antiquaries of France (Société des antiquaires de France), 
the International Confederation of Antiquaries and Art Dealers in Moscow
and the Society of Antiquaries of London.